About Our Church

Who We Are

Peoples Church is a multicultural congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church with a special emphasis on outreach to people living in poverty.


What We Do

Peoples Church offers ministries in worship, referral, hospitality, food, clothing, and other basic needs as well as our unique bike ministry. The congregation became a full-fledged member church of the denomination this past year and is noted for its ministries.


What Are We Planning


We have just completed the first phase of our capital fund drive with the goal of improving and enlarging our church and mission. Plans include: a high capacity kitchen, health ministry room, temporary sleeping facility, bathrooms and showers and a flexible use area for meetings, fellowship and worship. The objective of the building program is to provide a safe and functional facility that will be a blessing to the ministry and the community.


Where We Are
Bemidji is located within miles of the three largest Indian reservations in Minnesota near the headwaters of the Mississippi river. It is a beautiful place where many people still count on the bounty of nature to supply their basic needs. It is said than when the Great Recession began in 2008, Bemidji didn't feel it here as much as in other regions of the country because poverty is a normal condition for many people in the area, Native American and non-Native alike.


February 05, 2023


Worship Times


Sunday Noon Feast followed by Worship and Prayer at 1 pm.


What is the Lutheran Church?

Find out about the Lutheran Church and the history of this denomination on our About Lutherans page.



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To donate funds, use the yellow donate button (above). Peoples Church accepts in-kind donations of ALL types!! Please drop your items at the Church.  If you are unable to deliver items, please call the church to inquire about pick-up. 



Fishing Tackle

Kitchen Basics

Good Tools

Pine Cones

Running vehicles








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